Companions of Floris

Credit: Taleworlds & Monnikje

Several new companions have been added with Floris. As a result, many of the native companions have had some minor alterations to their like / dislike / objection settings as well as the accompanying dialogs so that these new companions could be easily integrated into the mix.

Floris Portrait


Gathering Companions at Game Start

Credit: Custom Commander Mod

In the Floris mod you have an option at character creation to "gather companions". Normally companions will be scattered across Calradia's taverns and move from one to another every few days. This option causes all companions to be gathered at the same tavern in the city you elected to begin play in. It should be noted that due to the limited number of spots for individuals to stand in a tavern that not all companions will be displayed. If you hire a few and re-enter the tavern more will show up.

Gather Companions

Companions gathered in Sargoth.