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Battlefield Tactics

Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment

Credit: Caba`drin

This feature provides the player, as long as they are the party leader, a number of new options for the better deployment of your troops prior to beginning battle. In order to see many of the options you'll need a tactics score of 2 or greater. From here you can give each of the divisions in your party (infantry, archers, etc...) separate sets of orders for them to carry out upon entering the encounter.



Credit: Motomataru

Formations are a highly useful feature and allow for a greater variety of tactics to combat almost every battle situation. So far, there are several well known formations implemented, which can either be ordered through the Pre-Battle Orders or directly in battle with the F4 key. The units of that division then, unless they are charging or retreating, try to keep the ordered formation as best as possible.

Join Any Side

Credit: NaglFaar

Whenever you encounter two armies already battling an encounter menu pops up. Normally unless you are allied with one of the sides you will not have the ability to get involved. This feature gives you the option to not only join either side, but now also reminds you of your relation with each party.

Deployable Pavise

Credit: Cartread

The deployable pavise shield acts as portable cover from missiles and the like. Best used by crossbowmen, including yourself, against factions such as the Rhodoks or the Khergits. If you are equipped with a deployable pavise and press "G", the pavise will be deployed and you can take cover from enemy range weapons (Video).

Deployable Pavise.jpg

Spear Bracing Kit

Credit: The Mercenary

Spear bracing allows you to brace your spear against incoming cavalry. When the horse collides with the spear, it will nearly always die and hence de-horse the infantry on top. Best used when fighting enemies from cavalry based-factions, such as the Swadians or possibly the Khergits.

Floris Mod Options also allows you to enable spear bracing for the AI.

Bracing spears.jpg