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Items & Equipment

All of the items included here can fall under 3 categories, trade items, equipped items, and consumable items. Each serving a purpose and each should be treated as such an item. As an addition thanks to the Floris mod, there are now qualities as well, on top of the existing Mount and Blade: Warband ones. Ranging from Cheap (which infact costs much less, but serves the same purpose), to exquisite (which costs far more, but gives more moral.) Some items such as pork, can go rotten, making them inedible and taking away all moral associated with the item. They become virtually worthless.

Items like bread, dried meat, grain, and grapes are consumable food items, as you and your troops will consume some units of these each day. Without food, a party will lose moral and eventually leave the party to plunder the wilds.

Items like velvet, ale, wine, and wheat, are trade items. These items can be bought and sold mainly for a profit or to fulfil a need, and are not consumed.

Items like weapons (And Instruments), armour, and mounts, can be equipped and used both on and off the battlefield. These offer varying tactical uses such as hanging back and using your arrows, charging with with a mount to create a distraction, or running in sword blazing.


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