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The seafaring kit consists of 3 parts:

  • Seatrade
  • Ruthvens Scenes and Battles
  • Seafaring (for the player)

Seafaring itself uses the the map icon of small ship to represent all factions, the only differences being the colors on the quantity of troops, which can sometimes can be difficult to realize before its too late, as a ship of sea-raiders can look strikingly like a ship of Vaegirs. Ship battles consists of many ships next to each other with ladders connecting them, the player spawns on the lower right most ship and the NPCs spawn all around on the other ships. These battles usually last for a short period of time, as both fighting parties spawn intertwined.

Using a ship is relatively simple, but it can be easy to mess up. Buying a new ship can be done at most port cities such as Sargoth, Praven, and Tihr. They run for 50,000 denars and allow the player to travel on water similar to the way the player can travel on land. The enemy parties are ships as well, and often have close, if not faster speeds than the players party. It is possible to trade with other merchant ships to try and create a profit, or to get much needed supplies. When landing or docking a ship, a player should get close to the city's dock, and then click on the city itself. Doing so will allow the player a few options to pick from. Being too far away, or being stuck on a group of cliffs, will block the players progress and glitch out on some occasions. Once the player has docked a ship, it will be in that town's port until the player moves it. If a player chooses to try and dock at a shore, the players ship will instead land on the shore and become a named icon that the player can return to. Keeping in mind that other faction troops can still attack both the player, and their ship, so its best to keep the ship well gaurded.


It Features

Sea Battle Scene


Manage Ships

  • AI Sea Trade, slightly balanced
  • Ruthvens Seabattle Scenes
  • Spawning of Sea Raider ship parties
  • Ability to buy, name, sail, land, fight on, dock and send a ship to town
  • Ability to assign a crew on ship (requirement for sending a ship)
  • Crew Wages integrated into the diplomacy report
  • Hostile towns can not be chosen as a destination for your ships and troops
  • New Port Submenu with several Submenus and a detailed Presentation
  • Chance that a ship left at shore without guards is stolen
  • Loot for Seabattles
  • Consequences for a Defeat at sea (being dragged around and fleeing when close to land)
  • Mini-Feature - Fishing based on Foraging Skill
  • Pre-Battle Screens fused with PBOD and Custom Commander
  • Update of the Camp Menu to assign the correct icons and exclude options like inspect your camp
  • Height Check at Cliffs to exclude the landing and sending away option, cant be entirely excluded though (some Cliffs arent steep enough)