Tournament Design Panel

The tournament design panel allows a player to change tournament AI weapon or equipment choices, as well as their appearance, to suit their preferences. This panel is broken into several sections.

Melee Weapons

One handed, two handed and polearm weapon catagories have been grouped together to comprise the "melee" weapon option AI will choose from. You can adjust their custom setting sliders as desired to change their setting number. This in turn changes the "load chance" percentage shown to the right which is the actual chance that item type (within its group) will be used by an AI troop. At least one melee weapon must be set as AI troops will always demand something to wield. If none are set one handed swords will become the default option.

Backup Weapons

Lances, bows, crossbows and thrown weapons make up the secondary group of weapons that are optional for AI to use. Just as with the melee weapons these sliders can be adjusted to determine the percentage chance each weapon type will be used, but only IF that AI troop chooses to have a second weapon picked as opposed to some other kind of benefit. You can also set all of these options to 0% which would force tournaments in that city to be entirely melee only.


This setting is in its own catagory and its slider represents a direct percentage chance that an AI troop will be mounted. There is an exception with this setting to keep in mind. If the player has selected a mount as one of his three choices then the slider can not be set to any value between 1-49%. It will automatically default to a minimum value of 50% unless you set it to 0%. If you set it to 0% then everyone will be on foot, including the player, and if this overrides your personal option you will be given an alternative one. The mod will pick your new bonus in specific order (enhanced weapons -> armor -> shields), moving onto the next option only if the previous is already selected.


Here you can change the overall theme of the arena outfits used. At this time there are no additional options, but future updates to the system will change this. {{HeadingB|Arena Scene== (Coming with Floris 2.52)

This menu will allow you to choose whether you wish to use the native arena scene or the one from the Arena Overhaul Mod for that town. This option can be chosen for each town separately. If the "native settings" option is used it will set the town to the native scene. If "enable all" is used the default scene will be set. The default scene for the Floris mod is the arena overhaul scenes.

Locations Panel

Here are listed all of the valid towns where tournaments may spawn in your game. Simply click any town to switch the panel to view that town's settings. By default the panel will show the settings for the current town you are in or if you are not in a town it will default to the first on the list.


Native Settings This will switch this town's settings over to the percentage load chances that it would have had in the native game.
Enable All This sets the town settings to 100% for everything except mounts which are set to 50%. This is the current TPE default until more refined choices are developed.
Apply to All Centers If checked, this checkbox will apply the "enable all" or "native settings" functions to every town in your game. (See known issues).


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