Tournament Play Enhancements

Credit: Windyplains

Provides a complete revision to the way tournaments function. This system uses a performance based "point" system to determine the winner as opposed to the survivor design of native. The challenge for these tournaments are significantly increased compared to native, but so too are the rewards. For individuals who do not like this system it can be disabled in the Floris Mod Options by unchecking the "Enable Tournament Enhancements" option.


Arena Overhaul Mod

Credit: Adorno

This collection of arena scenes replaces the tournament arenas found in native. Scenes have had numerous obstacles, terrain modifications and choke points added to give a little more variety to game play. These are the default arena scenes for Floris, but as of the Floris 2.52 patch you will be able to designate whether you wish to use the native or overhauled version of a town's arena on a town by town basis.

Arena wercheg

Arena in Wercheg

Tournament Lancers: Use the Right Weapon!

Credit: Hatonastick

This feature is not active in the Tournament Play Enhancements system as it is not needed, but remains active if the native tournaments are used. If unhorsed, this will force lancing using participants to switch to a melee weapon. If mounted, it will ensure the participant uses a lance if so equipped.


Customizable Sparring Matches

Credit: Jinnai

Speaking to the tournament master you can set up an individual sparring match with members of your party. These dialog options give you control over how many teams will exist and how large they are so that you can test out the strength of new troops or simply build experience with existing ones.