Multiple Troop Trees

Troop trees show the progression of units for a given faction or group. Each of the six main factions have their own unique troop tree, and there are other troop trees besides. Different factions' troop trees specialize in different areas of combat, while others are balanced.

There are actually three separate sets of troop trees in the Floris mod, and you use one or another depending on the settings you choose at the beginning of the game. They are:

Troop tree selection

Choice of troop trees in character creation menu

  • Native Trees - These are the same troops used in the native Warband game. (Note: Some Floris troops slightly differ from the original Native ones.)
  • Expanded Trees - These are the troop trees the Floris mod has used in versions prior to this feature being added. They are considerably more complex than the standard troop trees that came with the game. This is the default troop tree for the mod.
  • Reworked Trees - This is a compromise between the Expanded and Native trees reducing the amount of complexity, while still adding more flexibility than the original troop trees.

The troops trees for your selected set may be found in-game under: Reports -> Reference Material


​Main Faction Troop Trees


Khergit Troop Trees

Khergits specialize in light cavalry units, making them great scouts and flank units.

Khergit Native Tree

Khergit Expanded Tree

Khergit Reworked Tree

Khergit Native

Khergit Troop Tree

Khergit Reworked


Nord Troop Trees

Nords specialize in close combat foot soldiers, making them especially deadly in siege combat.

Nord Native Tree

Nord Expanded Tree

Nord Reworked Tree

Nord Native

Nords Troop Tree

Nord Reworked


Rhodok Troop Trees

Rhodoks specialize in foot soldiers using polearms, giving them the greatest natural defense against cavalry.

Rhodok Native Tree

Rhodok Expanded Tree

Rhodok Reworked Tree

Rhodok Native

Rhodok Troop Tree

Rhodok Reworked


Sarranid Troop Trees

Sarranids are the most well-rounded of the main factions, having no specific area they excel in beyond the other countries but no glaring weaknesses aside from rather light armor.

Sarranid Native Tree

Sarranid Expanded Tree

Sarranid Reworked Tree

Sarranid Native

Saranid Troop Tree

Sarranid Reworked


Swadian Troop Trees

Swadians specialize in heavy cavalry units, giving them the most punch in straight-up cavalry charges, especially against infantry.

Swadian Native Tree

Swadian Expanded Tree

Swadian Reworked Tree

Swadian Native

Swadian Troop Tree

Swadian Reworked


Vaegir Troop Trees

Vaegirs enjoy the best ranged units in the game, and their bows can be of use in a wide variety of situations.

Vaegir Native Tree

Vaegir Expanded Tree

Vaegir Reworked Tree

Vaegir Native

Vaegirs Troop Tree

Vaegir Reworked


Other Troop Trees


Mercenaries troop trees

There are several different kinds of mercenaries. Mercenaries used by caravans, which can be only recruited from prisoners and Merceneries and Sword sisters, which can be hired in taverns.

Native Sword Sisters Tree

Expanded Sword Sisters Tree

Reworked Sword Sisters Tree

SwordSisters Native

Sword sisters

SwordSisters Reworked

Native Mercenary Tree

Expanded Mercenary Tree

Reworked Mercenary Tree

Mercenaries Native


Mercenaries Reworked


Freelancer Troop Trees

Freelancers are a Floris-specific troop tree, and may be hired when the player meets Sigmund in a tavern. They are customizable mercenary units, unlike the troops in other trees.

Freelancer Native Tree?

Freelancer Expanded Tree

Freelancer Reworked Tree?

Freelancer Native


Freelancer Reworked


Bandits (and Manhunters) Troop Trees

There are several groups of bandits in the game, from the lowly Looter to the more rewarding Sea Raiders and Mountain Bandits. And there are manhunters chasing them.

Bandits Native Trees

Bandits Expanded Trees

Bandits Reworked Trees

Bandits Native


Bandits Reworked